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Received date: August 23, 2013; Accepted date: September 24, 2013; Published date: September 28, 2013 Citation: Nielsen XC, Carkaci D, Dargis R, Hannecke L, Justesen US, et al.

Phylogenetic analysis showed distinct clustering of strains with the allocated species and the respective type strains.Precise species identification of blood culture isolates helps identify the primary site of infection and can be a guide to antibiotic susceptibility, thereby having impact on the therapeutic strategy and outcome. Kochen singles hannover Identification of microorganisms from patient samples has in the past mainly been based on phenotypic characteristics exhibited by the putative pathogens, which is time consuming and can produce ambiguous results.A variety of other gene targets including the manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase gene ( have only rarely been investigated [17,19,21].The ribosomal 16S-23S Intergenic Spacer (ITS) region has been suggested as a good candidate for bacterial identification and strain typing [22,23] In a previous study by our group, the feasibility of using the ITS sequence to identify clinical strains of NHS was established [24] ITS sequence analysis was suggested as a first line identification tool for the NHS group.

Thai dating danmark Slagelse

16S r RNA gene analysis has been shown to provide relatively good separation of the taxons examined in this study [11].However, both methodologies are challenged by the closely related species in the Mitis group of NHS [12-14].Sequence based methods, which can elegantly separate relevant taxons, will be natural candidates for this purpose. sex dating Herne ITS sequence analyses have also proven to be useful in species identification of enterococcal strains [23].Slagelse Chat Rooms | Slagelse Men | Slagelse Women | Slagelse Christian Dating | Slagelse Black Singles Slagelse Latin Singles | Slagelse Mature Singles | Slagelse Cougars | Slagelse BBW | Slagelse Singles Hi...

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Strains most often recognized belong to the genera are also isolated from blood cultures, though less often [1].

These bacteria are usually part of the normal oral, gastrointestinal and genitourinary flora of humans, and may cause a variety of opportunistic infections.

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Visit for more related articles at Clinical Microbiology: Open Access The species that are catalase-negative, gram-positive cocci and not belonging to streptococci or enterococci have become increasingly well characterized and the number of taxonomic entities steadily growing based on molecular taxonomic studies. 16S-23S Intergenic Spacer (ITS) region sequence analysis has proven to be a useful tool for species identification of the genera Streptococcus and Enterococcus.

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