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Gen DB is a genome annotation system for prokaryotic genomes (Meyer et al., 2003) ( that offers automatic identification, classification and annotation of genes using a variety of software tools.

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Hence, we wanted to exploit the wealth of newly available data to update the postgenome era, a broad range of strategies was developed to use genomic data to obtain functional information.Moreover, 8 % were orphan genes, defined as those not found in any other sequenced genome.There are numerous changes in this annotation update (summarized in ).Once established as symbionts, these bacteria reduce or “fix” dinitrogen to a form the plant can use for growth (reviewed in Prell and Poole, 2006; Jones et al., 2007).With their potential to fix up to 300 kg of molecular nitrogen/ha cultivated land, symbiotic bacteria contribute significantly to an ecologically-sound and cost-efficient nitrogen supply.

Singleportal Bielefeld

This is an ecologically and economically important interaction, because plants engaged in symbiosis with rhizobia can grow without exogenous nitrogen fertilizers.The Rhizobia are a diverse group of bacteria that engage in symbioses with the roots of leguminous host plants.These comprise transcriptome and proteome studies, mutagenesis, and gene fusion techniques. datingsider gratis Hedensted The number of studies applying high throughput methods is continually increasing.About 1000 updates added new information to the annotation of gene products.

Putative functions were assigned to 313 putative proteins formerly classified as hypothetical or conserved hypothetical.

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induces nitrogen-fixing root nodules on leguminous plants.

These sequences are a valuable resource that extends our knowledge of the genetic basis of the rhizobial lifestyle (Mac Lean et al., 2007).

The annotated 1021 genome sequence was submitted to the EMBL/Gen Bank database in 2001 (chromosome, AL591688; p Sym A, NC_003037; p Sym B, AL591985).

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