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Play Video In the early 1970s when glyphosate was first discovered, Monsanto marketers were perplexed.

They were accustomed to selling herbicides that were selective, which killed certain weeds but left crops unharmed.

It was found to decompose into natural products — carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, and ammonia — and was also found to be safe for humans and wildlife.

Environmentally speaking, the original Roundup® herbicide proved to be one of, if not the safest, herbicides in history.

But because it was environmentally friendly, marketers continued to try to find ways it could be used commercially.These findings were paralleled in studies with an attenuated form of r VSV expressing VEEV E2/E1 glycoproteins. Spiele zum kennenlernen in gruppen Both r VSV and r ISFV vectors were attenuated using an approach which has demonstrated safety in human trials of an r VSV/HIV-1 vaccine.Vaccines based on either of these vaccine vector platforms may present a safe and effective approach to prevent alphavirus induced disease in humans.Importance: This work introduces r ISFV as a novel vaccine vector platform that is serologically distinct and phylogenetically distant from VSV.

Single plattform Hamm

vectors as therapeutic and/or prophylactic vaccine vectors to combat emerging viral diseases.Amongst these viral threats are encephalitic alphaviruses, Venezuelan and eastern equine encephalitic viruses (VEEV, EEEV), which have demonstrated potential for natural disease outbreaks, yet no licensed vaccines are available in the event of an epidemic.Here we report rescue of recombinant Isfahan virus (r ISFV) from genomic c DNA as a potential new vaccine vector platform. Singles markranstädt The r ISFV genome was modified to attenuate virulence and engineered to express VEEV and EEEV E2/E1 surface glycoproteins as vaccine antigens.Built on the Roundup® agricultural herbicides, the platform offers a range of recommendations along with potential cash-back incentives to help you control a variety of crop issues.

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