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Before the show, I purchased a copy of the new "Eating the Astoria" CD in the lobby.After the show, Sandro assured me I'd enjoy it as he was signing the booklet, and he was right.don told me he has ideas for putting out old mothers of invention tapes that he has, but fears the wrath of gail zappa, he said he doesn't want to go to jail..the stuff is so good, he hates to keep it to himself. from: brian bukantis ([email protected]) i've posted short streaming videoclips of the grandmothers from their aug. you'll need quicktime 4: this time, there are two clips posted - the first is the band introductions, the second is "the eternal question" as answered by don preston. From: peter quinnell Subject: Grandmothers memory 9/25/00 -- and a brief Don Preston interview Date: Mon, Just saw the Grandmothers' live show (9/25/2000) here in Orange County, California.The venue was the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano.

jcb said something like "wait a minute...frank's a good guy and he wrote some great music."and later he did sign mothers albums, and even sat down next to me at the bar. all of the guys are very personable and very happy to answer any questions. i plan to gather my thoughts about the experience and write them down, if anyone would be interested, i will post it to the fireparty in a few installments.meanwhile scriblling the autographs on tickets and talking to people from the was in a good announced they were gonna play a medly of frank's music.Even his Italian-accented English adds flavor, providing a surrealist counterpoint to the other singers when introducing numbers.He also sang a song with Italian lyrics, which went down really well with the crowd.

Netdate Albertslund

Don Preston was especially on form, turning in one brilliant solo after another, delivering his own composition What Was Zappa Really Like, and also intoning Beefheart's Neon Meate Dream of A Octafish while playing spacey keyboard-generated sound-effects backing.He later turned in to his alter ego The Reverend Biff Debrie (which involved an hilarious blond fright wig and a velvet robe).she has thrown every roadblock she can in thier paths, in fact they couldn't tour for three years because of her. dating sider for voksne Vordingborg don preston told me that she is sue happy, she sued her own brother twice, apparently.Here's an excerpt from our (brief) conversation about the Mothers' '71 tour PQ (me) - I recently picked up a 2-CD set of the Montreaux gig [Swiss Cheese/Fire] where the Casino caught fire. Don Preston - yeah, I remember it all perfectly PQ - you guys were doing that weird 18-minute Sofa medley that didn't really get released in that form at the time.

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