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The many enemies in continental Europe, among them Poland and a hostile Dutch would make this a difficult endeavor however.A new attack on Prussia would also see little international support, France was already urging peace.The long-term goal was to wage war in Europe without fearing Danish interference.

The Swedish King maintained that his main goal was to invade Royal Prussia, but he also wanted to punish Frederick William of Brandenburg-Prussia.That same day the city gates were closed and would not open again for another 22 months. single chat gratis Münster A Swedish fleet of 28 ships blocked the harbor, preventing resupply by sea. When the Swedish king arrived to find half the city in flames and the Danes willing to put up a fight he had a difficult decision to make; whether to press forward immediately or to lay siege on the city and try to starve it out. It was a continuation of an earlier conflict between the two belligerents which had ended just months earlier, after Sweden and Denmark brokered a peace agreement in Roskilde in 1658.In the aftermath of that conflict, the Swedish king Charles X Gustav desired to add the province of Royal Prussia in Poland to the Swedish realm, but his position in the region was not strong enough with the opposition of Brandenburg and Austria.

Match dating Nyborg

Charles X of Sweden had concluded the earlier war with Denmark with a stunning victory by succeeding in the bold March across the Belts.Denmark-Norway had been forced into a humiliating peace in the Treaty of Roskilde in which Denmark had to cede Scania, Halland and Blekinge on the Scandinavian Peninsula and the island of Bornholm, and Norway lost the provinces of Båhuslen and Trøndelag.This failed when the Dutch Republic joined the conflict on the Danish side and a reinforcing fleet managed to smash its way through the Swedish naval forces in Øresund.Charles then tried a decisive assault on the city, hoping to conquer it and win the war; this plan likewise failed.In June 1658 it was decided that the Swedish forces would attack.

On August 6, 1658 a fleet of 70 ships with 5,700 men and 18 pieces of light artillery embarked upon a journey to Denmark.

The Dutch retracted their blockade, but were soon convinced by the Danes to support them again.

The French and English intervened for the Swedish and the situation was again teetering on the edge of a major conflict.

This would allow Sweden to control the Baltic Sea and bring in large customs revenues.

However, even this ambitious goal was just to be stepping stone towards the ultimate plan of a quick conquest of Denmark so that the Swedes could wage a campaign in Europe without risking Danish interference.

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