En dating Læsø

Returns may only be made on the condition that the item(s) are returned unused, in unopened packaging, and in the invoiced quantity.

The buyer must return the purchase to the seller at the buyer’s own risk and expense. Product liability Any and all decisions regarding product liability will be determined by the relevant statutes in Danish Law (Dansk Ret).

Og uanset om han befinder sig i Lissabon eller på Læsø, fungerer han som personlig træner for den professionelle danske golfspiller Søren Kjeldsen, der foreløbig har vundet tre gange på European Tour.

en dating Læsø

After compensation or an exchange has been made, the buyer bears the responsibility for risk and expenses involved in shipment from the seller’s premises. Right to return With regard to sales to consumers residing in Denmark: the buyer has the right to return a purchase within 14 days of receipt of the purchase or within 14 days from the receipt of the first of more than one delivery.Accepted returns will be credited, though with a 10% deduction of the invoiced total.In cases where the buyer is entitled to nullify a purchase, or where purchased items are returned to the buyer as an exchange for other goods or for compensation for missing/defective items, then the seller must send a consignment in its original packaging at his own expense and risk.Within the context of all other statutes being observed, the seller bears no liability for loss of work time, loss of profit or other indirect losses. Law and venue All discrepancies between the parties of this agreement will be heard and judged in a Danish court of law, in accordance with Danish Law (Dansk Ret).The jurisdiction of the legal venue will be that of the seller. Consumer purchases in Denmark Questions regarding consumer purchases in Denmark are governed by the relevant Danish laws, Købeloven (sale/purchase statutes) and Produktansvarsloven (product liability statutes), which have priority over this agreement.

En dating Læsø

Should Laesoe Saltcare decide to raise prices as stated in this agreement, then it must notify the buyer prior to shipment of products. Technical information/buyer examination Technical information, specifications, product information, catalogues, brochures, instructions for use and/or other technical data released by Laesoe Saltcare about the product’s function and use are strictly informative and should not be used to make diagnoses nor to determine treatment.The above mentioned materials should not be considered to be suitable substitute for counseling or treatment by an trained and certified medical doctor. Delivery/delays Deliveries will be made from the seller’s address, regardless of whether the seller’s employees ship a purchase to the buyer or whether the seller and buyer agree on a third party to ship the purchase.Should there be any delays, the buyer retains the right to send to Laesoe Saltcare a written demand for delivery within 10 business days. secret dating Erfurt The buyer may state the purchase will be nullified if delivery does not occur before the specified due date.If compensation/re-delivery/remuneration does not occur within the period set by the buyer, then the buyer has the right to send to Laesoe Saltcare written notification nullifying the purchase.

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