Dating dk app Odense

You are able to use your health insurance card/library card in all departments under The Odense Libraries. However, certain materials can only be used at the library.You are able to borrow most materials for a period of 30 days.

You will pay one fee for all materials with the same expiration date, if they are all returned at the same time.Using the reminder service is free, and no extra charge will be added to your phone bill.Please notice that in the case of technical problems or a missing SMS, all borrowers, children and adults, still have to pay a fee if the loan period is overdue. The individual borrower is always responsible for returning materials before the loan period is overdue - also if you have signed up for the reminder service.Odense is the third largest city in Denmark and is currently undergoing a huge 30 billion Danish kroner redevelopment, but what defines this up and coming city and why should anyone move there?Here are five good reasons to consider the Odense as the place to be.

Dating dk app Odense

You will not have to pay the copyright fee when replacing videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS and CD-ROM). In case you return replaced materials to the library within 1 year from the date of replacement, the library will refund the amount of the replacement if the material is fully intact and you are able to show the receipt.The library holds the right to withdraw a person’s right to borrow materials temporarily in case of misuse and in case of lack of payments on 300 kr. Theft of library materials will be reported to the police. If you need help filling out the registration form, please contact your local library. If you change your e-mail address or phone number, please let us know.A person residing outside Denmark and others who do not have a health insurance card can get a library card if they are able to show valid ID (passport, white card or equivalent). You can also change the information yourself by logging on to the self-service section at your social security number and your pin-code and edit your profile.You will have to sign up for the service in order to use it. Borrowers signed up for the service before April 27th 2015 will continue the service free of charge.

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Your library card is strictly personal and you are liable for all materials borrowed with the card.

Sign up for the reminder service Sign up for the library reminder service and get a SMS or an e-mail 3 days before your loan period will expire. Please notice that in the case of technical problems or a missing SMS, all borrowers, children and adults, still have to pay a fee if the loan period is overdue.

The reminder service is free of charge from April 27th 2015 and forward.

Please note that many of the materials mentioned above are in English! You are able to print and make photocopies at the library.

In order to do so, you will have to buy a print/copy card, which will give you access to the self-service system.

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