Dating d Christiansø

Pearly white beaches and sand dunes where you can hide and lie on your back looking up in the sky.

Hammershus and the round churches There are four round churches on the island and numerous well kept fortress ruins from between the years 1150 - 1250.

dating d Christiansø

The earliest occurrence of the name 'Èze' can be found in the maritime books of Antonin as a bay called the St. A hoard of ancient Greek silver phialae dating from the 3rd Century BC was found in Èze in the late nineteenth century.It one of the oldest beach hotels on the island dating back from 1895. Only one "street" on Christiansø - an old cobblestoned road between the soldiers quarters.With its dance hall it used to be the place where young people would meet and have their summer parties. (The yellow buildings on the picture below.) The only "street" of Christiansø ..Duodde Probably the most beautiful beach area on Bornholm is the southernmost point - Duodde.I came here the first times with my grandparents when I was 6-7 years old.

Dating d Christiansø

Christiansø church was first consecrated in 1685 when the island"s fortifications were completed.Serving the garrison, it was initially located in a small floor room in the fortification tower where it was used until 1821.With its unique location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, it's a fantastic island to discover - over some days, if not a week - make that a whole vacation. Most of the towns on the island are situated at the coast. kostenlose partner Lübeck So just following the coastal road it's actually possible to drive by some of the best places on Bornholm.It was then moved some two hundred metres to the east to its present location on an irregular quadrangular plot surrounded by fieldstone walls. The first permanent inhabitation in Ertholmene, generally called Christiansø, was the result of the Danish-Swedish conflicts in the late 17th century.

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