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The high altar and Imperial throne are located on the upper circuit of the Palatine chapel in an octagonal side room, covered by a barrel vault lying on an angle.

This area was connected with the palace by a passage.

The arched openings of the lower story are only about half as high as those of the Hochmünster, as a result of which the lower story looks stocky and bulky.

The two floors are separated from each other by an expansive cornice.

dating börse Aachen

The church has been the mother church of the Diocese of Aachen since 1802. The exact date of completion is unclear; however, a letter from Alcuin, in 798, states that it was nearing completion, and in 805, Leo III consecrated the finished chapel.The question of which geometric concepts and basic dimensions lie at the basis of the chapel's construction is not entirely clear even today. date kostenlos Krefeld Works of earlier cathedral architects mostly followed either the Drusian foot (334 mm) or the Roman foot (295.7 mm).The original cupola mosaic was probably executed around 800 and known from Medieval sources depicted Christ as the triumphant lord of the world, surrounded by the symbols of the Four Evangelists, with the twenty-four elders from the Apocalypse of John offering their crowns to him.In 1880/1 it was recreated by the Venetian workshop of Antonio Salviati, according to the plans of the Belgian architect Jean-Baptiste de Béthune.

Dating börse Aachen

Secondly, the choir was constructed in the Gothic style.The octagon in the centre of the Cathedral was erected as the chapel of the Palace of Aachen between 796 and 805 on the model of other contemporary Byzantine buildings (e.g.This plaster was made longer-lasting through the addition of crushed red brick. dating sider Kolding The colour was probably also a reference to the imperial associations of the work.This measurement is referred to as the Aachener Königsfuß (Aachen royal foot), after the similarly sized Parisian royal foot (324.8 mm).

Beyond this, there is a symbolic layer to the octagon.Around this inner octagon is a sixteen sided circuit of low groin vaults, supporting a high gallery above.This upper story was known as the Hochmünster (high church).The round arched openings in the upper floor in the side walls of the octagon, between the columns, in front of a mezzanine, are decorated with a metre-high railing of Carolingian bronze rails.These bronze rails were cast 1200 years ago in a single piece according to Roman models.

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