Hammock single or double layer

I have found that as long as the air temperature is above 65F or so that I do not need any insulation under me.For temps below 65F I needed some kind of under insulation.Other than a cosmetic blemish in the bug netting of my hammock there are no other faults with craftsmanship (I purposefully purchased a cosmetically blemished product due to the price reduction).

Hammock single or double layer

I found that I had a literal palace of room under my tarp to sit in my hammock as a chair and relax during bad weather or just in general.I used pads through the winter of 2010 and was able to comfortably sleep at -10F using a Neo Air pad and a ccf pad, and a 15F sleeping bad with liner and some clothing layers.The double layer design of the blackbird was excellent at containing the pads and preventing them from sliding around in the hammock.The hammock to me has been extremely more comfortable than any tent setup ever was.I have used the hammock on many over night trips, and many multi-day trips thus far, and many more nights at home in my backyard.

Hammock single or double layer

This version of the Blackbird has a double layer design for the body of the hammock which allows a sleeping pad to be placed between the layers for under insulation.Overall I am very pleased with the design and construction of the Blackbird hammock.It is a very well thought out design, and has all of the features you could ever want without any needless gimmicky items found on some other hammocks.Suspension: I chose the Adjustable webbing suspension system.Or if you do not wish to use the netting it can be put back over the ridgeline so that it is out of the way.

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The Blackbird also has a 'shelf' on the right hand side which is composed of a roughly 2sqft area of extra material which is handy for placing those esentials that you want to have nearby.Using a hammock has proved to be one of the best decisions i have ever made.Using a hammock does involve a fairly steep learning curve to properly be able to hang your hammock and use the appropiate insulation to have maximum comfort.The Blackbird is a mosquito hammock and has a noseeum netting over the entire upper portion of the hammock that is supported by the Amsteel 100" hammock structural ridgeline.This netting can be closed entirely with a full length zipper than attaches the free end of the netting to the body of the hammock.

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