Extjs selmodel single

The Summary feature adds a row at the bottom of the grid to display summary information.

The property configuration is very similar to that for Grouping Summary, because both classes are subclasses of Abstract Summary (a class that provides common properties and methods for summary features).

Each token must be unique and must increment in the format , , and so on.

The preceding code will output the following grid: The Grouping Summary feature adds a row at the bottom of each grouping.

Extjs selmodel single

The summay Type and summary Renderer properties work in a similar way.The preceding code will output the following grid: The rowbody feature adds a new tr-In the preceding code, we are not only displaying the name of the book; we are using the rowbody to display the topic of the book as well. One very important thing to be noted is that rowbody will be initially hidden, unless you override the get Additional Data method.If we execute the preceding code, we will get the following output: (For more resources on Java Script, see here.) Ext JS 4 also introduces a plugin package with five classes: Editing, Cell Editing, Row Editing, Header Resizing, and Drag Drop.We are going to take a closer look at that in this section. Ext JS 4 organizes all the column classes into a single package—the column package.We will explain how to use each column type with an example. Feature class that contains common methods and properties to create a plugin.

Extjs selmodel single

But, what if someone just wanted to display a simple grid?All the other features not being rendered would just be wasted, because no one was using that structure.The following code displays a grid grouped by book topic: In the group Header Tpl attribute, we declared a template to be displayed in the grouping row.We are going to display one of the following customized strings, depending on the number of books belonging to the topic: The string comprises of the topic name () and the count of the book for the topic ().Note, as well, names of both store and model fields always have to match with the column's data Index (if you want to display the column in the grid). The way we used to declare a simple grid in Ext JS 3 is the same way we do for Ext JS 4.

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