Dating videos in islamabad

Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari, who will meet with Mr Bush this week while leading a delegation to the United Nations, condemned the "cowardly attack" in a late night broadcast addressed to the nation. "This is a menace, a cancer in Pakistan which we will eliminate.

The blast left a vast crater some 30ft deep and 50ft wide in front of the main building, and on Sunday investigators combed the gaping hole for evidence."The building's structure is dangerous," said Malik Ashraf Awan, a senior civil defence officer. single partnerbörse Erfurt "It consumed too much heat and shock." The hotel, which belongs to an American franchise, came at a time of increasing political and security instability as the country faces a wave of militancy from terrorist sanctuaries in the country's border tribal areas.TV footage showed at least two bodies partially visible from the wrecked facade Sunday morning.Outside, the hotel was surrounded by a junkyard of torched vehicles and debris.

Dating videos in islamabad

The Czech Republic’s ambassador to Pakistan was among the dead in the bombing.“Ambassador Ivo Zdarek was killed in the terrorist attack in Pakistan on September 20,” the Czech foreign ministry said on its website.During the investigation, three suspected terrorists were arrested by the Pakistani police. online dating komplett kostenlos Braunschweig They were suspected of having facilitated the suicide bomber.The workers found at least four more bodies at the site Marriott which was still smouldering after a 1,000kg truck bomb was rammed into the security gates in one of the country's worst terrorist attacks.

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