Dating is hard for asian guys

Sure the whole “it’s easy to meet girls as a white guy” thing was challenged a bit, but so what? Before I make my case, I want to be very clear that I am a white guy who likes Asian girls.I WANT the ‘white guy’ myth to be true, and obviously am not offended when people told me the myth.

There are some big obstacles you’ll be faced with being a “white guy” in Asia.A Japanese man will browse a porn DVD store, go home and masturbate all day, then walk outside and see a girl kissing me and instantly go, “This girl should be ashamed for liking sex” — it’s pure hypocrisy and insanity. ficktreffen Dresden In many parts of the East, talking to a stranger is taboo and even scary.Views on sex, status, interracial dating, affection in public, marriage, humor and even talking to strangers can be taboo.An example of this would be in Korea — heavy eye contact can be considered rude, and thus giving a girl eye contact may cause anxiety instead of attraction.

Dating is hard for asian guys

This, in my opinion, is the most challenging reality of approaching and dating Asian girls.In the East, girls have extreme pressure to “appear” pure, clean, polite and innocent.It would be like a black guy being offended by the “big penis” stereotype, right? dating dk priser Hedensted However, if we’re going to have a discussion about how girls respond to a “white guy,” then it’s only logical to admit that the only person who can be true knowledge of this is a white guy.Even if one argues it’s “easier” for a white guy in some aspects, there are definitely many “great walls” that make it very “not easy” and therefore offset the alleged advantage.: Although it’s not always the case, anyone who’s approached or attempted to date Asian girls has been faced with language barrier issues.

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Language is something all of us take fully for granted, and attempting to approach, date, or seduce a girl who speaks little or *no* english is the furthest thing imaginable from “easy”.In Asia, there’s a lot of shame surrounding intimacy that is so damaging and dysfunctional Many Asian girls are programmed to suppress their interest in sex and intimacy, hide it or deny it.If they display or admit at all that they want or even like sex or touch, they risk being seen as a “slut” — in Japan they’re called a “bitch” or in China/HK, a “public toilet.” Their sense of self is at risk, and their reputation is at risk if they show an interest in sex.Take a ride on a train in Korea or Japan — pure silence.In many parts of Asia, there’s a lot of anxiety surrounding talking to strangers, and because of this most never really develop the social muscles needed to meet new people. When attempting to approach or date Asian girls, often you will run into this.

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