Balvenie 25 yo single barrel

The Balvenie Single Barrel 25 Year Old is the ultimate expression of the relationship between craftsmanship, wood and time.

We reviewed several of the Tun 1401 series (see Batches 3, 6, and 9) — only a few of the nine ever made it to the U. This mixing vessel can hold 8000 liters, which means the whisky blended up in it may be less “rare,” but it will at least be easier to find. The Balvenie 25 Years Old Traditional Oak Single Barrel – Shockingly light in color, this hardly looks like it’s been in barrel for a year, much less 25.The results are powerful compared to the quieter 25 year old single barrel, evident from the start by looking at the deep amber color of the whisky.The nose is exotic and rich, offering punchy notes of well-burnt sugar, coffee, dried figs and raisins, and a touch of coal fire smoke.The body takes this and runs with it, firing on all cylinders.The caramel notes turn toward dark chocolate sauce, the fruitiness toward essence of orange flowers, caramel apples, honey, and some spice — cinnamon, allspice, and a bit of brown sugar.

Balvenie 25 yo single barrel

Actually, the distillery has recently released three different whiskies, the third being The Balvenie Fifty, Cask 4567, a 50 year old expression that runs $38,000 a bottle.We did not manage to nab a bottle of this lattermost one, but no matter: We did sample the other two, a new 25 year old single barrel release and a new sibling in the Balvenie Tun series, Tun 1509, Batch 1. First, The Balvenie is adding a new single barrel edition to its regular release range, a 25 year old single barrel expression that joins the 12 year and 15 year single barrel expressions that have launched in recent years.Con l’avvento del nuovo millennio, Balvenie, una brillante distilleria attiva a Dufftown dal 1892 e che ancora oggi malta in proprio il 15% del fabbisogno di orzo, decise di dare il via a una serie di imbottigliamenti da singolo barile con invecchiamento monstre d’un quarto di secolo. Single gelnhausen Ora, per quanto il single malt di Balvenie sia entrato nella top ten dei più venduti al mondo e la produzione sia arrivata a circa 7 milioni di litri annui, questi imbottigliamenti restano una chicca assoluta, visto che escono in maniera discontinua a completo arbitrio della distilleria e visti pure i prezzi non proprio popolari.The body then takes all of these components and promptly kicks them right in the ass.

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