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After Race 2, Dovi said, “In the second race, me and Valentino pushed so hard to beat each other because we were the fastest and we pushed too much.

A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.Soon Checa overdid it and Rossi carried on at his chosen pace to win. Partnervermittlung für behinderte schatzkiste Miller’s win is irrelevant because he is not close to being a challenger in the points race. Here is how he describes his thinking today; “Today’s race was one of those in which you can either lose many points or gain them, and you can face it with two mentalities; either you take a risk to gain a bigger advantage, or you focus on finishing the race in order to lose the fewest points possible.We had opted for a one-run strategy, because it didn't look like the track was drying out, but after two laps I saw that a few dry lines were forming and, even though it was still raining a bit, I decided to stop to fit a new rear rain tire, despite the fact that we hadn't agreed on this with the team.On returning to the track I was also lucky to tuck in behind Rossi: I had already identified the corners where I could push like on the dry track, while in the others I just followed him.” If you think steady rain will continue, you fit the softer suspension springs and damping appropriate to the lesser angles of lean and lower suspension forces that are all you can manage with wet grip.

40 dating Assens

No one knows what the weather will do, any more than they know what tomorrow’s GE stock price will be. Jack Miller and his team got it closest to right, and Miller and Marquez wisely refused to try to match Rossi’s lap times. First is the old saying, “Beware of an old man in a hurry”, and the second is what Valentino did when, in the Brazilian GP of 2002, Carlos Checa came up behind him in rain, passed, and pulled away.Valentino did nothing, because, just as Marquez did today, he had decided what lap time would enable him to finish well.“I decided not to follow Rossi and Dovizioso because they were going too quickly (at the start, he had led into turn 1 but had then run wide and was passed by Rossi and Dovi. Marquez continued, “…with Jorge so far back and Rossi out of the race, second place was as good as a victory. dansk dating side Langeland In the end, we leave Assen with a bigger lead.” (Marquez’s lead was 10 points this morning, and is 24 points after Assen) Rossi said, “…I did a mistake. The race was run in two segments, the first of which was stopped for deluge conditions (the nearby North Sea is full of cold, gray water).

Valentino Rossi said, “It was right to red flag the first race because the amount of water was too much and it began to get very dangerous.If you think dry lines may appear, you may compromise somewhere between dry and wet suspension.Just as engine tuning in the days of air cooling was “1000 monkeys at 1000 Mikuni carburetors”, and whoever got it most nearly right and had basic racing skills would win, so, in wet conditions, you make your complex set-up spread bet and then ride as hard as it lets you go.Early leaders Valentino Rossi (who won here last year) and Andrea Dovizioso slid off soon after the start.Miller, starting in 4th, moved up one position per lap, making a determined pass on Marc Marquez to lead to the finish.

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